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While we in the decoration of the time will buy a wide range of curtains, but as the owners, they do not know the basic function of the curtains, thus they do not know what function they need when purchasing. They just only concerned about the color and the style, while ignoring the function of the curtain.


1, to protect privacy
For a family, who do not want to make the moves all in others sight. From this point, the different indoor areas, the degree of concern for privacy has different standards. Such family members living room area of public activity, for the privacy requirements on low all day and most of the family's living room curtains, so much decorated state. As for the bedroom, bathroom and other areas, it requires not only outside can not see, and require even in sight. This presented a different problem area to select a different curtains.

Pastoral Beige Yarn and Polyester Floral Eco-friendly Curtains
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2, decorative wall
Curtains for many ordinary families, is the largest wall decorations. Especially for simply decorated home, in addition to the pieces of the frame, probably something on the wall on the left curtains. Therefore, the curtain color, style, etc., often play a decisive role. Similarly, for the hardcover families, suitable curtains will make the home more beautiful, more personality.

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3, acoustic noise
We know, from the mode of transmission of sound, the treble is a straight line, and the window glass for treble reflectivity is also very strong. Therefore, the proper thickness of the curtain, you can improve the indoor sound effects; similarly, thick curtains also help absorb some of the noise from the outside, improving indoor sound environment.

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