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What is the standard height of installing black toilet paper holder?

When you choose the toilet paper holder, you have to think about the installation position ahead of time. Wrong place will bring some unnecessary troubles to your daily life. In order to make your bathroom life easier and convenient, the general height of wall-mounted toilet paper holder should be about 26 inches, which refers to the distance between the floor and paper holder. It is kind of standard height for it can make people feel comfortable. Also, the black toilet paper holder should be near the toilet and in front of it about 8 to 12 inches.

black bronze toilet paper holder

Compared with the height of installing towel shelf, this position for toilet paper holder is moderate and suitable. After all, the towel has its own height.

The advantages of using black toilet paper holder

First of all, the black color can go well with many other colors easily. So, we don't need to worry about the color combination problem. Besides, the black color can always give people a modern and cool feeling. Also, the black toilet paper holder will bring a lot of convenience, especially for kids or old people.

black toilet paper holder

In all, if you are going to choose a toilet paper holder for your bathroom, you can search some black types on the internet to compare several products simultaneously and then get the final suitable one. Because, the online products are usually cheaper than retail shops, and there is freight insurance, and we don't need to spend too much time and efforts to shopping in the mall.

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