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The handle of the shower faucet has two types: single handle and double handle. Usually the single handle faucet is common seen in recently years which has convenient control feature. The structure of shower faucet is simple. While the double handle faucet need you using two handles to adjust temperature and has more types to suit for many occasions. Such as basin faucet, massage bathtub faucet and so on. Single-handle faucet on and off in an instant, the pressure will rise rapidly, if the copper content of the product is not high, can not withstand water pressure of expansion, it is easy to be damaged, so a single-handle faucet in the use of time to do it slowly opening and closing; double-handle faucet pressure range, pressure is adjusted accordingly by two handles to control the flow of water, so this problem is unlikely to occur.

shower faucet

Different product of different brands, we should choose the suitable type. And the installation place of the faucet is also various. Some is for one hole installation which suit for single hole faucet, some has three holes and the most common distance between the holes is 4 inch while some distance is 8 inch which can install single handle or double handle faucet, so it is called three set split faucet abroad. Of course, on the basin perforated to fit faucet installation, with the "minimalist", the popular, but there have been three-hole wall-mounted faucets and faucet-height (also called the high arc designed faucet). But anyway, the purchase is a good idea to set the leading sanitary ware brand, style, and then decided to faucet configuration.

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